Working in NALA is stimulating and challenging as a lot of our work is about trying to come up with new solutions to a global issue. Simply, many thousands of people in Ireland today have insufficient literacy and numeracy for our modern society, preventing them from getting a job or promotion, helping their children with homework or fulfilling their potential in the community. In NALA we try to come up with inventive ways of addressing this issue. This entails working nationally with a range of Government departments and State agencies on policy development and implementation, which we feel will have a positive impact on people with literacy or numeracy difficulties. I worked in a number of different posts for Co Offaly VEC, all in the adult and community- education field. ... Read More
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Photo by Psalm Isadora. Anticipation: We tend to overlook it, don't we? When we're looking forward to something, we want to rush to the main event, forgetting how much fun there is in waiting. It's like watching the trailers for movies before the film starts. We become so focused on the reward of seeing the story that everything beforehand can feel like a waste of time. ... Read More
Usually, jaundice is a normal part of adjusting to life outside the womb, but occasionally it may be a sign of serious health problems. Sometimes, the treatment of jaundice is challenging for mothers and babies. After birth, the infant no longer needs the extra red blood cells that transport oxygen in utero. During the first days after birth, the excess red blood cells break down producing the yellow pigment bilirubin. The liver processes conjugates bilirubin into a form transported to the intestines and from there, carried out of the body in the stool. ... Read More
JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The in-1 Wonder Cooker replaces your deep or shallow roasting pan, crockpot, double roaster, bakeware pan, casserole pan, deep fryer, steamer, crisper, slow cooker, electric skillet, electric grill, chafing serving dish — even a grill pan! Just one deluxe pan set handles it all! Home Copper Chef 9-Qt. ... Read More
FMS is a freeware RC simulator for anyone to use. The flight characteristics with the transmitter interface are quite good including hovering, forward flight and aerobatics. Flight simulator physics has progressed since the days of the FMS but if you want to get a good understanding as to how a helicopter feels to fly before trying it for real then this still continues to be a good option. Version 2. The original page they setup has disappeared and hence I am now re-writing this page that is many years old to enable users to obtain this simulator and access to any solutions to install it. ... Read More
Such a group is, sadly, really necessary because LAPD just will not stop spying. From the famous red squad to the present, they just will not cut it out. And one of the forms LAPD spying takes in the present day is the monitoring of social media accounts and the dissemination of so-called intelligence gathered there. For instance, in dedicated LAPD social media stalkers learned of an unpermitted demonstration planned by a group called Code Pink, and they emailed a bunch of security people and BIDs Downtown about it and possibly even sent cops to the event. It seems that Extinction Rebellion Los Angeles was planning a protest for April 22, to take place on the Red Line train , although the location was not at first revealed. ... Read More