There are the amusing Google searches amusing, at least, to me that lead to my blog: pee in my ass as well as knowing that the next time someone conducts this search, they will find my blog at the top of the page. There are the bizarre Google searches that leave me puzzled over their intended meaning: stirrups insert slowly speculum. There has been a heavy run on Prometrium questions as of late, especially ones connected to Prometrium affecting betas and periods. A beta is measuring the level of hcG in the blood and a home pregnancy test measures the amount of hcG in the urine. While a trigger shot of Novarel hcG would affect this test, Prometrium or any extra progesterone would not. ... Read More
Licking County Prosecutor Bill Hayes said the case is under review for potential criminal prosecution. Powell did not say how much money was improperly spent or how many veterans benefits may have been affected. One of the violations listed in the report states: "Mr. Holmes failed to review applications as required of his position. Due to this negligence, employee misconduct went unnoticed resulting in substantial financial loss to the county. ... Read More
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She is expecting her first child and has struggled with the toll pregnancy has taken on her body. She says: The process of my body growing and changing out of my control has felt unnerving at times. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself at this magical but confusing time is a great thing. I feel like becoming a mum is changing my identity along with my body, and this is a good way to mark the new chapter in my life. That just puts extra pressure on women. ... Read More
George J. He is the father of the Jetson family. When George was a child, he had to fly through ten miles of asteroid storms to go to Orbit High School, where he was the star pitcher of its Spaceball team and he was a nerd and an outsider of Orbit High School. George is now an employee at Spacely's Space Sprockets, a manufacturer of "sprockets" and other high tech equipment. His job title is "digital index operator. ... Read More
Although she's the newest detective in the galaxy police force, she's eager to prove her worth as an undercover agent. Her first assignment is to track down the villains who have been snatching up and raping all the young women of the hot desert planet, Doune. Will she become their next victim? Can she keep her virtue intact while infiltrating their den of ill repute? No mission is too dangerous, no disguise too skimpy, no sexual exploitation too deviant, for our girl Kate to handle! ... Read More
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Magazines from today—those LGBT publications that have been integral to my own cultural awakening as an out, gay, queer, millennial guy. The phrase LGBT has been used to encapsulate an increasingly diverse group of individuals. As the LGBT rights movement grows and expands around the world, I find myself part of an increasingly fragmented sociological group. Regardless, this diverse LGBT identity has seen a number of shifts throughout history. Yes, gay bookshops are closing down. ... Read More