Bare electrolysis Bare electrolysis 1 min read
This treatment first hit the beauty scene back in Although the effects of laser hair removal last for years, electrolysis is currently the only method that's allowed to call itself permanent — well, at least according to the FDA , a strict government agency in charge of regulating cosmetic procedures. Electrolysis destroys the hair's growth centre, so it's highly unlikely any new fuzz will appear once your sessions are finished. While light-based methods like IPL and laser target the hair pigment melanin, electrolysis zaps directly into each follicle. It's anti-discrimination, if you will, and treats all hair types equally. ... Read More
Topflite freak Topflite freak 1 min read
Edward found it especially long while David loved the springlike feel off the clubface. Control on wedge shots was somewhat lacking. The tech-heavy golf balls have been designed to bring distance to the masses with Tour-like spin and distance at a price that doesn't make you cry every time you cream one Out of Bounds right. The Top Flite Freak is designed as a value alternative to the Gamer and offer the same Dimple in Dimple cover design which basically means there is another dimple inside every dimple on the ball. It also has a high quality core to help you hit it for miles down the fairway. ... Read More
What are you waiting for? You Jack off, so why not jack with us. We are a private group and offer consenting adult males an opportunity to jack-off with other like-minded males. We welcome all guys who have an interest in group masturbation. If you enjoy getting naked and jacking, give us a try and you will be surprised how erotic and sensual group masturbation can be. ... Read More
Co-pending provisional patent application No. It is known to provide already fully-erected penis vibrators for use by men, which include hollow cylindrical casings which are adapted to be engaged by and cover the penis, for frictionally stimulating the outer surface of the penis by reciprocating vibrating motion of the vibrator. However, some problems arise when using such a vibrator:. It is further known to provide small vibrators for women which are destined to be inserted into the woman's vagina. However, these vibrators cannot be used by men. ... Read More
The much-loved iconic lingerie brand has returned with a fresh approach and new look. The new team, have a long history of creating beautiful luxury, designer lingerie and nightwear. Every item is created into an elegant piece with subtle detailing and delicate embroideries and never compromising on comfort, quality or functionality. All Nightwear Pyjamas Slips Gowns. You have no items in your cart! ... Read More